Here is Bei and all his little buddies watching a video of Bei that his cousin Elizabeth took of him during her last visit. The video is titled "How YOU doing?" They watched it over and over and laughed!

Remember in January when I wrote on my blog, in order to get organized I am going to live by a new mantra "everything has it's place". Well...the problem is, I just don't know where that place is...the bottom line is I've misplaced or possible lost my camera, which had 3 weeks worth of pictures on it...ugh!
Anyway, we have had some exciting things happen recently. One of the most exciting is the fact that Bei decided to sleep in "Aunt Jeannine's" bed. Now believe me, I'm not excited that he is wanting to sleep on his own, but I know it is a healthy and normal developmental move on his part. So I didn't do anything to discourage him. I explained that I would lay with him til he falls asleep, but that I will go back to my bed. He looked at me and said "I scared!". I told him he can come and get me any time. So the short of it is my baby is growing up into a big boy. And he is it doing it in his time and he won't eighteen years old and still sleeping with us! Yeah!
Another really exciting thing that happened is that we met the families that adopted from Suzhou and Lily's family (she was from a different orphanage) for a fun filled long weekend. All the kids have grown tremendously and have adjusted incredibly well to their families. I am so sad that I can't find my camera because I probably had close to 200 pictures from that weekend alone.
And a super duper exciting thing that happened is Grandma Sandy came and stayed for 5 days with us. I had told my mom I was home sick for her and she basically got on a plane and came and stayed with us. It was great! When I told Bei that we were going to pick Grandma Sandy up from the airport and that he should wear a special outfit, he said "Cucumber". So yes, once again, Bei was Larry the Cucumber. He loved spending time with "Sandy".

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