More Updated Pictures

For those of you who like to read chronologically, read the blog below first, so you know where and why we received pictures. This post will make more sense. I'm still figuring out how to use the blog, so I don't always do everything in the right order.

I love this picture of Bei! It is about the biggest smile we have gotten from him yet. Okay, I know, we have only seen four pictures of him. But, it is the old adage that a pictures says a thousands words. I just imagine that the nanny's are off to the side holding up our picture that we sent to him and saying to him. "These are your new mommy and daddy." "They are coming on May 4th to pick you up." You can just see the excitement in his face! ...Or maybe...it is the candy that he is holding in hand, but I believe my scenario. :-)

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