Pictures! Pictures! And more Pictures!

Hat, Cat, Mat
I was cooking and Bei walked up to me and said "I wrote Hat, where's my hat?". And I said "who taught you that?" He said "Joe." And I knew it was Joe from Blue's Clue's. Then he said "what else?" So I said "Cat with a C..."..;that is the one that looks like vat. Then he said "what else? I said "Mat with a M..." by this time he was losing interest. Not bad for a 3 year old who was turning 4 in the next few days.
and were very happy to share their new look.

The boys enjoyed a new way of eating their cake...

Our friends Becky and Nick Nick came over for cake and ice cream.

...and then rode the rides for several hours.

We went out to eat at Crave at the Mall of America...

Bei was so excited to wake up and see all his presents on his birthday! He very much about quantity over quality. Both at Christmas and his birthday first thing he did was count how many presents was given.

Bei's first ride!

Three generation of snowmobile riders!

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