Drumroll please....

We would like to re-introduce you to...Alexander Kai Krueger! I had to corner Dan, then tie him to the couch, while I sat on him and went through a baby book full of names. It was between Samuel and Alexander and Dan was the deciding vote. We both wanted to change his middle name, since Kong is so harsh sounding, so we did...you never know if you are doing the right thing or not... Most recently, Bei wanted us to name him Thomas, Henry or Gordon...for those of you not currently living in "little boy land", they are the names of the Thomas the Tank Engine trains.
Many homes and institutions don't have heat, so I think they put anything on the children to keep them warm...even hot pink pants on a little boy! He has at least four layers of clothes on him and I checked the temp in Wuyishan the day that we received the pictures and it was in the low 50's. He is up in a mountainous region of the country and so it may be damp and cold.
Many of the pictures that we have received, he has been in split pants, so his " unit and boys" are exposed, so I obviously haven't posted any of those. I'm not really sure how split pants work except to say that many of the kids wear crotchless clothes, with no diapers or underwear. So the child goes to the bathroom where ever he is at the moment and then the caregivers just cleans it up. I have read blogs where people said they were eating at a restaurant and some little toddler waddled over and pooped under their table!!! And nobody in China thought this was odd...they just cleaned it up. We did see split pants, but not in action...lucky for us!


Maddys Mom said...

I like the name, very nice.

We did see split pants in action while we were in China. Right outside of the Forbidden City a little boy squatted & left a tootsie roll on the side walk. His grandma walked up behind him w/a tissue wiped & stepped right over the little sidewalk deposit.

kate said...

So happy to see the little guy has his name!!! It's a good name!

Much love,