Becky Home Ecky???

Spending some quality time with Grandma Dene and Katherine

It is Christmas Cookie making time again with Kathy!

I have to admit that I'm still learning this "domestication thing". Last night at 11:00 p.m. I invited my friend Kathy via email to come over and bake Christmas cookies with us. Well, I woke up late and I had a message on my phone from Kathy telling me she would love to come over and bake cookies...uh oh...I usually pick up at night after Bei goes to bed and wash my dishes, but being the bad homemaker that I am, I caught up on emails and surfed the web instead...much more fun and satisfying to me at that moment. My place this morning looked like a disaster! Here is where the "new" me, the mom me comes in...in my old world the first thing I would have thought is screw my house, I need to look beautiful when Kathy gets here. I would take a shower, do my hair, make sure my make-up is on to a T. I would have tried on at least 3 different outfits and I would have spent the entire two and half hours fixing myself up. And if my house was messy...oh well...at least I look good! I must measure my value and success differently now, because I immediately started scrubbing the pots and pans, swept the kitchen, cleaned the oven, swept the foyer and cleaned the toilet and bathroom sink! I don't even know who I am anymore....

Another story that relates to not knowing who I am any more is an incident that happened between Dan and Bei. Over Thanksgiving weekend we went out for breakfast and I ran to the bathroom right before we were going to leave the restaurant. Bei pulled a candy Starburst out of his pocket that he had gotten from the pinata the night before at Aunt Nanette's house. He just sat with it in his hand and so Dan finally said "Bei you can eat that." And Bei said "No, I have to ask Momma" Dan said "Bei, it is okay, you can eat it"... "No, I have to ask Momma"...."Bei, I'm your dad and I said you can eat it!" I walked up just as Dan said this with alot of frustration in his voice. Bei looked up and said real sweet "mom, can I have this candy"...."Sure Bei!" So the other night, we were laying in bed and Dan said out of the blue "Bei, who is the boss? Momma or Daddy?"...Bei shouted "Momma!" Wow! I've never been the boss of anyone before...this is kind of cool!


Maddys Mom said...

It was really nice to meet you guys at the Red Thread party. Hope that we get to see you & your family more.

I am right there with ya' on the house bit, I am not very domestic either, but you definately learn to shift priorities when life changes with the addition of little ones.

Laurie said...

How exciting! You are adding another little boy to your family. Wonderful!