:Fall Pictures

Our friend Lily came over and trick or treated with Bei. They had so much fun!
Bei loved being a dragon! Kai hated his pumpkin outfit for Halloween, so we took the picture and off it came. On Sunday he was diagnosed with his 3rd ear infection. Hmm...perhaps we are onto the culprit of the sleep issues with him. Tubes may be in his future.

I love his messy little face!

Our beloved playmate, Nick Nick moved this week to South Carolina! I can't express how much we are going to miss them. Becky is one of the most happy and genuine, salt of the earth people that you could meet. I feel fortunate to have met her. There is a reason God chose her to be Nick's mom, they both are very special people.

A friend told me a while back to get Kai in for pictures before he lost his "baby-face". I think I am too late on that one, he has definitely moved into the toddler phase. Kai can stand on his own for up to 20 seconds...my baby continues to awe and amaze me! Go Kai, Go!

When I looked at this picture, I realized what a growth spurt Bei has had recently.

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