Uncomfortable Conversations...

Let me share with you a conversation that Bei has been having with me daily for the past several months; "Mom, I don't want to die" Bei will say in a pleading voice. "You aren't going to die, Bei." "I want you and me to die together mom" "Okay Bei, I already have told God and he knows that" (wink wink God...we really don't want this to happen) "Mom, why aren't you ever going to die?" (Oops...did I say that once?)
This is a conversation that we have daily and every angle I take at it won't seem to put it to rest. So this weekend all of us are driving in the car and Bei starts his daily dying conversation "Mom, I don't want to die." "Okay, Bei, you won't". "Mom, I want you and me to die together" Dan interrupts him and sternly says, "Bei that is enough, we don't want to talk about dying every day. I don't want to hear another word of it". I am grateful to Dan for stepping in and ending this exhausting conversation, but I start feeling guilty. I'm thinking poor kid just wants to understand dying and I don't know how to answer the question. I am going to have to think of a way to bring it back up to him so he doesn't end up in therapy over the fact that his parents wouldn't let him talk about dying, morning, noon and night. But I should not have feared...after about 5 minutes of total silence in the car, I hear Bei say "Mom?" "Yes honey?" "I don't want to die..." I guess the kid won't be in therapy after all...he is a persistent kid!

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