Little Miss Large and in Charge!

"Large and in Charge" is what I called little Miss Anna who came to visit this past week. She is a 15 month old pint size dynamo who wanted to dominant Kai! She came in on Monday afternoon and she swatted Kai, she tried to bite Kai, she kick Kai and then next she would kiss Kai and then hug Kai and then back to the agression again. By the way, she did this all with a smile on her face like it was the most natural thing in the world. What did Kai do? He swatted his hand at her like she was a fly, and wasn't fazed by her at all. This cute little dumpling is Kai's youngest cousin, my brother and his wife's "oops" baby. But there is nothing "oops" about her, she is pure JOY and LOVE. As you can tell I was smitten with her and wished we all lived closer because she made me laugh alot.

We are all seeing a big difference in Kai since he has been put on his anti-seizure medicine. This week alone the neurologist increased his dose and in that I can see even more improvement. The way I say it is he seems more "bright eyed and bushy tailed". Tonight he and Dan played with a ball and we both saw a side of Kai that neither one of us has seen. He belly laughed for a half an hour straight, Dan would throw the ball softly into Kai's stomach and Kai would throw his head back and laugh really hard. If you have not met Kai it is hard to explain except to say you can tell things are connecting better for him. Another great update recently was that Kai is truly starting to crawl. I was so grateful that Dan's parents and brother Mark and Gina were able to witness his first crawl because they have been so incredibly supportive of Kai. I am also grateful for my sister Nanette because she came and helped with the kids during some difficult doctor appointments and then gave me a much needed reprieve by letting me run errands and even getting a pedicure! Both of our families, along with our friends have been so supportive and we really appreciate it! I get the sense that everybody is rooting for this little boy. I also have to Praise God because I promised Him if he would help get Kai diagnosed quickly I would give Him all the Glory. I believe that prayer is really powerful especially when it comes to children. God hears us!

On to our other little man and what a little man Bei is developing into...confident, loving, kind, funny and just the most well adjusted kid. Next week he starts school! Yikes! I already warned him that I'm going to cry. And we all know that is because I'm NOT well adjusted! The good news is that I really think he is so ready for school and he is very excited!

Lastly, I need to share some great news with all you prayer warriors out there. At Nick Nick's last doctor appointment they flew out to New York fully expecting that he would need Chemo treatments again, but the doctor had good news. He said "the tumor was all but gone". Yeah! Please keep him in your prayers!

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Maddys Mom said...

Great update, so glad to hear that Kai is doing better & the Praise report about Nick!

Hope Bei has a good first week at school. I know, they grow up so fast.