Old Country Buffet

I'll start this blog out with a diaper update. Whenever I open Kai's diaper it is a regular ole smorgasbord. I could post a sign outside that says "All you can eat $6.99". Honestly, there is always a ton of food in his diaper. I will open it right now to prove it...Yup, here is some cheese, some crackers, huh? an entire T-Bone steak?? I knew I was missing one at dinner tonight. Seriously, he is just one of those messy kids. His face is always messy, his clothes always have food on them even though I change him 3 to 5 times a day. I do give him a bath every day so he doesn't start smelling like rotting garbage...at least he has that going for him. I really love that little guy but he physically exhausts me because he wants to be held constantly and look at his little face, how could you not want to hold him. He is my little doll!
Now the other son, mentally exhausts me. He talks incessantly! Hmmm...I wonder where he got that from??? But here is a typical conversation with Bei while we are reading a book about tractors and combines. Bei says, "Mom how does that Combine work?" Me with my limited knowledge says, "The corn goes in here and and comes out there". "No Mom, what happens in there that big red part?" I want to answer "Son, it is a mystery to mankind and nobody gives a crap." But I say, "I don't know". And that is never good enough, Bei's response is always "Think about it mom and then tell me." And then he waits for me to tell him, he won't let it go. So I always do my best and try to give him the detail of what I know. Poor kid is going to be a wealth of misinformation.
Lastly, I ask that you please keep our little buddy Nick Nick in your prayers. His last eye treatment did not heal his eye and he now will have to do Chemo at his next appointment. He is our sweet little buddy and we need him to be able to keep his one good eye!

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