The Most Delicious Dessert that You Ever Ate...

For some reason I think of food when I think of Kai...he is just deliciously yummy, like the most delicious dessert that you ever ate! Honestly, you will want to just eat him up when you meet him. Just to give you a peek into his personality, he is happy, happy, happy! He will be in my lap and sucking on his bottle and we will make eye contact and I will smile and he will just bust into a huge double dimple smile...like I said he is just yummy! He does the happy dance when he takes a bath or is in someone elses arms and see's me. I think he likes me...Me? I am crazy for him! He is a sweetie who loves to be held all the time and I love holding him. I kiss on him all the time and one day he gently grabbed my face and brought his open mouth to me 4 times in a row. I figure that was his way to kiss me back. Honestly, it is an act of love on my part because kissing him is like kissing Niagara Falls. His kisses are very wet and messy, but I will take them any day!
So here is the news that I wanted to share with everyone. We had an appointment with the International Adoption Clinic (IAC) 3 weeks ago and felt like we were given a wealth of knowledge. Dr. Kang gave us advice on Kai's eating, constipation, sleeping, bonding and development. It was all very informative for us. They determined that Kai was at a 4 months old developmental level and gave us physical therapy for us to do at home with him. What they told us was that Kai had muscle strength in his legs, but no tone through out his body, which is as important as strength. He actually has no muscle strength or tone in his upper body. Today we had our first follow up appointment for the physical therapy and the therapist told me we are the first family that she has asked to come back so early in the process. She said that Kai's movements were so wrong, and he was so delayed, that she wanted to get him using his movements properly as soon as possible. Not overly reassuring to hear at first, but, I am very pleased to announce that in 3 weeks, Kai is now at an 8 month olds developmental level! This makes me so excited that our little cupcake is moving down the right track! The therapist really believes that his human interaction was extremely limited prior to us, which makes me sad for him, yet happy that he has hope for a better life with us. Please keep Kai in your prayers for continued development!


Beth said...

Yeah!!! I'm so glad to hear that things are improving. You guys are never far from my thoughts.

Chris said...

He is such a cutie pie! I can definitely understand why you want to just eat him up. What a smile!

We saw Dr Kang for our first visit to the IAC too. Very useful information. At 8 months old, Sarah was developmentally about 6 months, but with their advice, she caught up quickly. I am sure that Kai will too.

Can't wait to meet the little guy and see all of you again real soon!